Artist Statement

Through my work, I excavate emotional landscapes. My studio practice is largely subtractive and shifts across printmaking, photography and sculpture. Current work explores longing and memory, focusing on preserving ephemeral objects of personal significance through new technology. Starting from a location of nostalgia, I map homesick spaces located someplace between the real and imagined. The imagery is fragmented, layered, and collaged to create a misrepresentation of information which oscillates between memories and documented experiences.

With an experimental approach to printmaking, I have been researching contemporary applications of laser etching, treating an etched plate as a reproducible, sculptural object. 


Sammi McLean, born and raised in South Florida, received her MFA from Florida Atlantic University. Through her interdisciplinary research, she has been awarded the Lynn Travis Stendor Women in the Visual Arts Scholarship, Rothenberger Fellowship, the Friedland Project Grant and scholarship support for a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany.