The H/OURS Collective and the FRITZ Gallery are pleased to present HOLDING PATTERN, an exhibition featuring printmaking and embroidery work by Christina Humphreys, Sammi McLean, and Ashley Ortiz-Diaz

HOLDING PATTERN navigates the various circuitous routes we take from one destination to another. Converging on suspended activity in these transitional environments, this body of work includes embroidery, printmaking and installation. Each artist wavers between traditional imagery, and experimental processes that expose the making of itself. Christina Humphreys painstakingly embroiders abstract digital images that resemble known surfaces; Sammi McLean treats layered fabrics with repeating text as a communication device; Ashley Ortiz-Diaz uses ephemeral printmaking techniques to contemplate mortality via known geometric forms. Trapped in the in-between of these routes, each artist is seeking permission to advance in HOLDING PATTERN.